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Rules for Trading


    Take trading decisions only when indicated by the charts.

    Buy at support and sell at resistance .
    Don't trust others opinions, make your own decisions , chart is there to guide you.
    Always trade with the trend and not against it,Go with money flow .

    Always use stop loss , protect your profit by increasing trailing stop Loss.
    Don't chase momentum if you can't find exit.
    Never trade with borrowed money and avoid high margin leverage.
    Never put all your money in 1 sector, divide your capital in different sectors.
    Do not jump into trade on just opening a market, wait for 15 to 20 mins to identify the current trend.
    Don't trade in all the scrips , keep a list of scrips that you can monitor easily.
    Control your emotions , don't let greed and fear over take your trading decisions.
    Don't buy any because it is available cheap, buy only when indicated by charts.
    Don't forget discipline as most of traders fail due to a lack of discipline, not lack of knowledge.